Religious Education

As a Catholic school, engagement with the Catholic faith through learning, prayer, liturgy and daily living forms an integral part of life at St Anthony's Primary School.

The school celebrates the major feast days and seasons of the Church year, such as Lent, Holy Week, Easter, the feast day of St Anthony of Padua, Mercy Day, Advent and Christmas. It also gathers to pray on occasions important in the lives of the students, such as Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

Students are encouraged to participate fully, consciously and actively in liturgical celebrations through thoughtful listening, singing, actions, responding and reflection, appropriate to the students' level of social, intellectual and faith development.

The Catholic school shares the Church’s mission of evangelisation; that is, to proclaim and spread the Gospel throughout the world so that humanity might be renewed and transformed. Its approach is comprehensive: ‘witness and proclamation, word and sacrament, interior change and social transformation’ (General Directory for Catechesis n.46). Exercised in a spirit of cooperation, several complementary roles directly serve the mission of the Catholic school.
Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta - Sharing Our Story: Religious Education Curriculum. Core document, p. 12.

The Family

The Catholic Church asserts the fact that parents are the first teachers of the Catholic faith and tradition to their children. The journey of faith begins at baptism and continues throughout our lives. Parents are supported in undertaking this profound responsibility by relatives and friends, godparents, the Catholic Parish in which they participate, as well as the Catholic school, which provides education within a uniquely Catholic context.

The Local Church

The Bishop of Parramatta has a responsibility to nourish and sustain the faith of all within the diocese.

Much of this is carried out through the work of the local parish. Our parish of St Anthony of Padua, Toongabbie, is led by our parish priest, Fr Joby Kadambattu. Our school is part of the evangelising and missionary work of St Anthony's Parish and the Diocese of Parramatta.

The Catholic School

At St Anthony’s, we believe that Religious Education begins at our birth and continues throughout our lives. Religious Education helps us and our children reflect upon ourselves, our world and our God, in the context of our personal life experiences, the Sacred Scriptures and the Church and its traditions.

As a result of this reflection we are better able to come to know our God more personally and respond to our relationship with God through prayer, our participation in the liturgy and our daily lives.

At St Anthony’s, we strive to present your children with a lived experience of a loving faith community. We help them to reflect upon their experiences of God and also to learn from the model for living that Jesus gave us. This aims to support the way you are passing on your faith to your children at home. The basis of our Religious Education program is the Parramatta Diocesan curriculum document, Sharing Our Story.

Sacraments of Initiation

St Anthony's Primary supports the parish community's parish-based, family-centred approach to sacramental initiation. This process, which is in accordance with diocesan policy, reflects the fact that Confirmation and First Communion complete the journey of initiation into a faith community.

Each family in St Anthony's Parish has the right to decide for itself when its children are ready to complete the sacramental process, which can begin once children reach Year 3 of primary school.

The Sacraments of Penance (a diocesan requirement before the reception of Communion), Confirmation and First Communion are prepared for and celebrated by families within the parish context. Information is sent home through the school each year.

The school also ensures that units of work in the Religious Education curriculum relating to the Sacraments of Initiation are taught at a time when they will support the parish sacramental process.

For more information about the Sacraments of Initiation, speak to our Leader of Learning - Catholic Faith and Life, or contact the parish office.

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