Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be a creative and educative community that embraces the teachings of Christ.


Our mission is to provide our students with an education that prepares them to meet the challenges of a changing society.

Beliefs and Values

We are committed to and value our Catholic identity, by:

  • giving expression to our belief in Christ, in our teaching, our practice and our policies
  • nurturing the integration of faith in the lives of children, staff and families
  • providing a comprehensive Religious Education program based on the diocesan guidelines
  • respecting and enriching the spirituality of the school faith community through prayer, liturgy and community outreach programs
  • maintaining a positive relationship between home, school and parish

We value the worth of each member of our school community, by:

  • ensuring that all members of the community are accepted, respected and valued
  • providing opportunities for educational, spiritual and social involvement in the school
  • identifying the needs of the students and providing appropriate support structures
  • ensuring that student management is fair and just, and reflects Gospel values

We are committed to the development of the whole child, by:

  • providing a differentiated, balanced and challenging educational program
  • fostering in our students a love of learning
  • providing the skills needed to become lifelong learners
  • catering for the individual needs and learning styles of students
  • utilising curriculum practices which promote quality learning and teaching
  • ensuring that there is ongoing planning of programs, assessment of children’s learning and evaluation of teaching practice
  • integrating technology across the Key Learning Areas
  • continuing to renew and update resources
  • reviewing and evaluating curriculum documents, policies and procedures

We value leadership which is inclusive, creative, visionary and reflective, by:

  • promoting justice, equity, honesty and compassion
  • building positive relationships to enhance learning and teaching
  • promoting and maintaining an open, friendly and effective communication network within the school community
  • ensuring that learning and teaching reflect current curriculum practice
  • ensuring that supervision and support structures cater for the needs of each staff member
  • providing opportunities for ongoing professional development of staff

We take pride in our school, by:

  • providing a bright, attractive and stimulating learning environment
  • providing a safe environment
  • maintaining and enhancing the physical environment
  • providing a welcoming community to all members and the wider community

St Anthony's Motto

Word and Deed - What we do and what we say.

Our motto, Word and Deed, centres us on the needs of the whole child - what we do and what we say, with the realisation that we only achieve our potential when we allow ourselves to be loved by God and the community that surrounds us.