Principal's Message

Welcome to St Anthony's Primary, Girraween. It is my pleasure to introduce you to St Anthony's and the important work that we do.

At St Anthony's, we participate in the Church's mission of education by providing a Catholic environment of Christian life and learning. We strive to integrate the Gospel values in our daily lives and encourage our students to grow in their relationship with God, in their sense of self and in their respect for one another.

We recognise the uniqueness of each child and strive to provide an educational program which directs our students to become responsible individuals and prepares them for success in a technological and global society.

There is potential within every student – perhaps as a leader, teacher, robotics designer, environmentalist, song-writer, welder, economist or poet. Education is about empowering students to discover themselves and supporting them in developing their natural curiosity and interests. It is our aim to notice every student and provide opportunities for them to develop as individuals.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with the students of St Anthony’s and to support them in their development as caring, competent, talented, and responsible citizens. I want all students to feel important and to recognise that they influence what happens around them every day.

I aspire to maintain and strengthen St Anthony’s achievements by continuing to foster a thinking-rich environment where students are actively involved in meaningful work.
I look forward to partnering with families in continuing to shape a safe, challenging, and nurturing school that is full of life, energy, and productivity. Through modelling openness, understanding, acceptance, sensitivity and forgiveness, we hope to inspire the students to become vibrant members of our diverse, multicultural society.

The future of St Anthony’s is indeed a positive one as we continue to work with our school community to plan the direction for the coming years.

Linda Ducksbury